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We use an integrated approach to marketing through search engines. Here's what that means:

  1. We start with your business goals
  2. We work with you to assess upsides, risks, uncertainties and projected costs for tactics that could help you
  3. We use what we learn from one tactic, for example paid search, to make more informed choices on other tactics, such as search engine optimization

Search engines are an incredible marketing tool. However, at times they are not a good use of time and money.  Marketek can assist with developing sites that are search engine friendly. We can help you create traffic generation programs that use search engines, but when these programs are not appropriate or cost too much, we are up-front and will help you cut back your spending.

With optimization and paid search alike, we focus on three outcomes that are building blocks for increasing your business:

  1. Obtaining top positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines when appropriate

  2. Managing text that appears in the search engines

    • The text should both invite a visit to your site and build your brand.

  3. Ensuring landing pages have the right content for visitors

    • Communicate key messages and invite them to take a next step

All three outcomes are important for attracting qualified visitors who will turn into customers. Often people focus only on positions or clicks. This is only the starting point.  Visitors need to have a positive experience.

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